Friday, July 26, 2013

Book #51: Hereafter

Title: Hereafter (Second in the Reaper novella series)

Author: Jennifer Snyder

Date started reading: July 25, 2013
Date finished reading: July 26, 2013

Publish date: February 2013
Number of pages: 104

Official summary: "In Death I could finally see the importance of Life. ... After being forced to become a Reaper Council member and being torn away from the one she loves, Rowan Harper must learn to accept her altered Fate as well as her death and move on. A task easier said than done, especially when witnessing those you love suffer in the wake of your death. When an unlikely alli provides information that could change everything, Rowan sets out on a journey through Purgatory with her beloved by her side and a nonchalant Tracker to learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice. Another task which seems easier said than done, especially with the threat of Purgatory’s ability to corrupt your soul the longer you’re in its grip looming above their heads. " (

How I obtained the book: Got an eBook free through Amazon

My commentary:
  • I swore and swore for years that I would never read eBooks. I am a book purist, and I love print books. I'm very loyal to printed books, but I recently got a smartphone (my very first smartphone -- I know I'm way behind the tech curve), and I saw a deal posted on Facebook to get this eBook free through Amazon. I loved the cover, so I looked into it. The storyline intrigued me, so I sold out and got the eBook. I'm glad I did it, but it's hard not to view myself as a eBook sell-out. 

Memorable quotes:
  •  "Complete emptiness swam through me as depression darkened my thoughts. How does a soul go on when they’re stuck here after death?" ~ Rowan
  • "Maybe when you’re dead there’s nothing left to be afraid of." ~ Rowan
  • "Although we hadn’t had a lot of time together while I was still alive, the fact was, we hadn’t needed it for either of us to know the depth of our feelings. Some say love at first sight is a ludicrous belief. That it’s only for those who are lustful and dim-witted. I disagree strongly. With Jet, it had been love at first sight, and that had been all the proof I’d needed to believe in it." ~ Rowan
  • “Death has a way of making things feel eternal." ~ Jet
  • “Nothing is ever final. Life and death are intertwined always, each woven by a blanket of transitions, of changes. For something to be final, it would have to be stagnant, never changing, never transitioning, never moving— ended. This is something you are not. Don’t accept what has happened to you as an end, because it’s not. You have shifted to a new lesson for your soul. Your soul is young; it is ever learning. Its full cycle has not yet been completed. As to when it will, no one can say, and until that time, nothing is final." ~ Evelyn to Rowan
  • "In death, I could finally see the importance of life." ~ Rowan

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