Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book #30: Neferet’s Curse

Title: Neferet’s Curse (Third companion novella to the House of Night series)

Authors: P.C. and Kristin Cast

Date started reading: April 6, 2013
Date finished reading:  April 7, 2013

Publish date: February 2013
ISBN: 978-1250000255
Number of pages: 160

Official summary: "The White City, 1893: In turn-of-the-century Chicago, with the World’s Fair bringing bustle and excitement to her home city, sixteen-year-old Emily Wheiler should be reveling in her youthful beauty and the excitement around her. But her whole life changed when her mother died, leaving her to be the Lady of Wheiler House. Her father, a powerful bank president, is at the center of an important social hub for the booming young city, and he needs Emily to do everything her mother would have – to be a good hostess and make sure the mansion runs smoothly. As Emily uneasily tries to replace her mother, she also longs for more… for love and a life of her own. When a handsome young man notices her at one of her father’s parties, it seems that her hopes may finally be coming true. Until her father forbids her to see him – or any other man – and starts revealing a darkly violent side that even he can’t understand. At last, afraid for her life and with nowhere to turn, Emily is Marked by a vampyre and brought to the Chicago House of Night, where she begins a magickal new life that should allow the wounds from her past to heal. But as she gains strength, and a powerful new name, she carries a dark need to wreak vengeance on the man she trusted most. From victim to High Priestess, beautiful young woman to powerful seductress, Neferet’s journey begins in NEFERET’S CURSE… (

Official book trailer:

How I obtained the book: Checked out of library

(Random note: It took me about eight weeks to finally return this to the library. I kept renewing it over and over again even after I  had finished it because I was too lazy to drive over to the library. Life got in the way of returning it. That's just something I wanted to remember. Feel free to ignore this information.)

My commentary:
  • These novellas are written so much better than the books in the true series. I wish all the House of Night books were written this well. The novellas seem to be more sophisticated and less immature.... and well, don't have the annoyance of Zoey's character.

Memorable quotes:
  • "I know my thoughts are not precious jewels. I have begun to suspect my thoughts are quite mad. That is why I feel compelled to record them. It could be that in the re-reading, sometime in the future, I will discover why these horrible things have befallen me. Or, I will discover that I have, indeed, lost my mind." ~ Emily
  • "You should never stop laughing. When you do, your beauty changes from extraordinary to divine and you look like a goddess come to earth to tempt us with your untouchable loveliness." ~ Arthur to Emily
  • "It had seemed that I was a princess who finally found her prince." ~ Emily about Arthur
  • "Whatever this new life as a fledgling and, I can only hope, a fully Changed vamprye brings me, I make one promise to myself: I will never allow anyone to gain control over me again. No matter the cost -- I will choose my own fate." ~ Emily

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