Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book #32: The Temptation

Title: The Temptation (Book #6 of The Secret Circle series)

Author: "Created by L.J. Smith. Written by Aubrey Clark"

Date started reading: April 09, 2013
Date finished reading: ------

Publish date: March 2013
ISBN: 9780062130471
Number of pages: 277

Official summary: "It's always darkest before the dawn. Cassie hasn't felt this alone since she moved to New Salem and joined the Circle — the closest thing to a family she's ever known. But now that the Circle has been possessed by powerful evil spirits, Cassie is left with no choice but to turn to her dark side to rescue them. As she struggles to get through to her friends and her soul mate, Adam, she finds an unexpected ally — one who will tempt her more than ever before. With her enemies quickly closing in, Cassie fights to keep her heart true and her soul pure. But she knows better than anyone that all magic comes at a price, especially when Black John's Book of Shadows is involved. Will Cassie defeat the darkness once and for all ... or will the Circle be lost for good?" (http://www.epicreads.com)

How I obtained the book: Pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble $13.92 using a giftcard I earned through Plink.com.

My commentary:
  • I've read somewhere that this book is supposed to be the final one in the series. That's probably for the best. I really liked the last two that Aubrey Clark wrote, but this one sort of dragged on and I am glad there probably won't be another one that I'll feel like I need to read because I'm invested in the series. Clark wrapped things up too nice with this book. I wish it wouldn't have ended with a happy ending. The happy ending was too predictable.
  • I really wanted Cassie to end up with Nick instead of Adam. The whole soulmate principle in L.J. Smith's world pisses me off sometimes. I wish Clark would've went against that.

Memorable quotes:
  • "What could be worse than needing someone you couldn't stand, someone you literally never wanted to see again?" ~ Cassie
  • "My Circle is my destiny." ~ Cassie
  • "Sometimes bodies could communicate in a way language couldn't Adam's mouth on Cassie's said all there was to say." 
  • "I guess you're all I have left, Cassie. You're my only chance of saving myself. How's that for pathetic?" ~ Scarlett
    "We're each other's only chance, Scarlett. Pathetic or not." ~ Cassie
  • "Cassie had changed in the past year. She'd grown up. Being a witch was normal to her now, and there was no going back. A regular life would never be enough anymore, even if it would be easier."

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