Monday, January 2, 2012

Book #2: Soulmate

Title: "Night World: Soulmate" (Book #6 in the "Night World" series. Book #3 in volume #2 omnibus edition)

Author: Author: L.J. Smith

Date started reading: Jan. 2, 2012
Date finished reading: Jan. 4, 2012

Publish date: Original July 1997, Omnibus edition Nov. 2008
ISBN: 978-1416974512
Number of pages: 224 for "Soulmate;" 688 for entire second volume

Official summary: "Sixteen-year-old Hannah goes to a psychologist to understand the meaning of her the notes she keeps finding—in her own handwriting. “Dead before 17,” “He’s coming,” “Watch out.” Only under hypnosis is their cryptic meaning revealed. Hannah is actually an Old Soul, a girl who has been reincarnated many times and can remember her past lives. And in every one of them, the fair-haired stranger appears—and Hannah loves him—and Hannah dies at age16. Meanwhile, the leader of all the vampires of Circle Daybreak, all those who have human soulmates, Lord Thierry, is searching. He’s looking for her—the girl he loved and accidentally killed thousands of year ago. Who will find Hannah first—her vampire soulmate, or Maya, the first of all the vampires who has murdered Hannah a thousand times to keep her from Thierry. And who will Hannah believe when they do find her?" (

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How I obtained the book: Bought for $2.99 at thrift store around the corner from my house

Memorable quote: “Why did I come here? I should have put an ad in the paper: ‘Desperately Seeking Thierry.’ I should have known this wouldn’t work.” ~ Hannah

My commentary: Starting out, I was not too interested in the reincarnation concept of this book. As silly as it sounds when you consider I'm reading a book series with vampires, werewolves, and witches, the reincarnation in this book just seemed way too far-fetched and unbelievable.  After finishing it, I just felt a big let-down again after how great "The Chosen" book was before this one. It was nice that L.J. brought back all the popular characters from the past books for this one, but their appearance was much too brief. And the ending was just too unrealistic all around (Don't want to give out any spoilers, so I won't explain that)

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