Friday, January 20, 2012

Book #9: The Possessed

Title: The Possessed (Book #2 of the Dark Visions series)

Author: L.J. Smith

Date started reading: Jan. 21, 2012
Date finished reading: Jan. 22, 2012

Publish date: Originally 1995, omnibus edition published in 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4169-8956-1
Number of pages: 231 in The Possessed, 732 in omnibus edition with all three books

Official summary: "Having discovered what Dr. Zetes really wants them for—and what happened to their predecessors at the Institute, Kaitlyn and her friends Anna, Lewis, Rob, and Gabriel have to run for their lives. In doing so, Kaitlyn discovers that Gabriel is a vampire—but that he feeds directly on human life-energy. Kait is caught between golden Rob, the healer, and wicked Gabriel Wolfe, who may just be using her for his own purposes." (

How I obtained the book: Bought for $4.99 from used book store. This was a publisher's remainder book, so it wasn't actually a used book

Memorable quotes:
  • "He had to at least have the courage of his own convictions. If he was going to be evil, he’d be evil, all the way. From now on no half measures." ~ Gabriel's thoughts
  • "Some things are so evil they must be fought." ~ Timon

My commentary: While this book is better than the first one in the trilogy, I still am not impressed. I've seen where other people/reviewers say this is L.J. Smith's best series, and I just don't see it. Maybe the idea of psychics just don't interest me as much as witches and vampires

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