Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book #101: Entice

Title: Entice (book #3 in Need series)

Author: Carrie Jones

Date started reading: July 25, 2012
Date finished reading: July 26, 2012

Publish date: December 2010
ISBN: 978-1599905532
Number of pages: 272

Official summary: "Zara and Nick are soul mates, meant to be together forever. But that's not quite how things have worked out. For starters, well, Nick is dead. Supposedly, he's been taken to a mythic place for warriors known as Valhalla, so Zara and her friends might be able to get him back. But it's taking time, and meanwhile a group of evil pixies is devastating Bedford, with more teens going missing every day. An all-out war seems imminent, and the good guys need all the warriors they can find. But how to get to Valhalla? And even if Zara and her friends discover the way, there's that other small problem: Zara's been pixie kissed. When she finds Nick, will he even want to go with her? Especially since she hasn't turned into just any pixie. . . She's Astley's queen." (http://www.carriejonesbooks.com)

Official book trailer:

How I obtained the book: Checked out of library

My commentary:
  • I definitely liked this book better than the first two in the series. It felt more action-packed and had less slow-moving parts. I still think the series is odd overall though, and it's still not exactly what I had expected when I ventured out on reading the books.
  • The books are separated strangely which is starting to bug me a little. The chapters aren't marked with a number or even a title. In the first book, each chapter started with the name and definition of some phobia. In the second, it was a tip or other information about pixies for the book they were supposedly writing on how to survive a pixie attack. This book's chapters start with some sort of news tidbit... a quote from a news broadcast, a post from a blog, a Twitter tweet, a Facebook status, etc... all about the kids who keep disappearing from the town. I hate not knowing a chapter number to know what chapter I'm on. 
  • I'm really happy that the author has continued to have Issie make references to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." They always crack me up.

Memorable quotes:
  • "So much has happened so quickly. I lost Nick. I lost my humanity. And what did I gain? I became a pixie." ~ Zara
  • "It's a fine line, I guess -- a fine line between good and bad, between savior and predator, between hero and villain." ~ Zara
  • "Sometimes I worry about my mental health." ~ Zara
  • "My heart can't take all this patrolling, disappearing, dying, morphing into new beings." ~ Issie
  • "We are a gang of four like in Buffy or in Scooby-Doo or in Heroes or something." ~ Issie
  •  "Who am I really? Am I still the same person if I'm not even technically a person anymore?" ~ Zara
  • "Fighting makes me feel evil." ~ Zara
  • "I'm in bunny pajamas meeting pixies. This is so not right." ~ Zara
  • "There are certain signs that your town is totally messed up: 1) Snow that lasts forever. 2) Evil pixies torturing and/or maiming people. 3) You are a regular nightly segment on cable news networks. 4) FBI agents patrol the streets. 5) Half the school population has to stay home because their parents are too freaked to let them out of the house." ~ Zara
  • "Sometimes I get a little tired of being Mr. Perfect." ~ Astley
  • "Sometimes I almost wonder if humans are worth saving." ~ Astley
  • "Nothing is all good or all bad." ~ Zara
  • "There is no shame in dying bravely, Zara, no shame in dying for good." ~ Astley
    "And there is no shame in living for it either." ~ Zara
  • "I try to help: people get killed. I try to be a hero: people die." ~ Zara
  • "What we need is a psychic witch moment where we create a witch finder, the way Willow and Tara did in Buffy, or a transporter homing beacon type thing, like they have in Star Trek." ~ Issie
  • "You know, life fractures all of us into little pieces. It harms us, but it's how we glue those fractures back together that makes us stronger." ~ Zara
  • "Sometimes if you wish hard enough, things truly do happen for you." ~ Astley
  • "There are so many layers inside of people, so much soul pain and angsty depth and heart hurt, and some, like Astley, hide all this so well that when it comes out in an action as simple as a nod, your entire world shifts a little bit on its axis." ~ Zara
  • "Why do people and pixies and weres lie so much? Why can't we all just be honest with each other? It would be so easy to just not trust anyone ever, but you can't go through life with a pair of scissors in each hand, snip-snip-snipping away at everything people say or don't say, can you? You have to leave one hand free to catch the truth." ~ Zara
  • "Nobody is perfect, though. We all want to think we are, but perfection is some crazy mythical state that we can never achieve. It is a goal beyond our grasp, always shifting and changing and taunting us, because it knows ... it knows we can never reach it." ~ Zara
  • "What I've learned lately is that people deal with death in all sorts of different ways. Some of us fight against it, doing everything we can to make it not true. Some of us lose ourselves to grief. Some of us lose ourselves to anger." ~ Zara
  • "Mothers do not seem to like me." ~ Astley
  • "Danger can just explode without warning and take us away." ~ Zara
  • "Love makes all possible." ~ Heimdall
  • "With love comes responsibility and possibility, fear and hope, quests and suffering." ~ Heimdall
  • "All warriors are afraid." ~ Heimdall
  • "Why do the bad guys always talk to much?" ~ Zara

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