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Book # 19: A Fractured Light

Title: A Fractured Light (Book #2 in the A Beautiful Dark series)

Author: Jocelyn Davies

Date started reading: Feb. 24, 2013
Date finished reading:  Feb. 26, 2013

Publish date: September 2012
ISBN: 978-0061990670
Number of pages: 352

Official summary: "When she wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, Skye knows something terrible has happened to her. It's not until she hears Asher, the dark, rebellious angel she fell in love with, that the memories come flooding back. She tries to put the past behind her, but she knows she'll be forever haunted by the ruthless betrayal that almost took her life. Skye returns home, but with the knowledge of who she really is, nothing can ever be the same. As she tests the limits of her newfound powers, Skye discovers that she's capable of far more than anyone could have imagined. Both the Order and the Rebellion want her for their side as war between the factions looms. She can't forget the terrifying truth she now knows about the Order, but something holds her back from embracing the Rebellion." (

How I obtained the book: Got a free copy via my employer.

My commentary:
  • Not that the first book was bad or even close to bad, but this one was totally amazing and blew the first one away completely. It stopped focusing on the love triangle and focused on Skye being torn between the light and the dark. It made things much more interesting to get rid of most of the teen angsty love triangle crap.
  • It sort of cracks me up that the book's dust jacket says this series is good for fans of Lauren Kate's "Fallen" series, Becca Fitzpatrick's "Hush Hush" series, and Cynthia Hand's "Unearthly" series. It's like they decided to include every single one of the popular young adult angel-related books in their recommendations. 
  • SPOILERS AHEAD: I called Skye's decision from the moment in the first book when it was revealed that her parents had been a "good" angel and a "bad" angel. I knew in the end she'd choose to embrace both the light and the dark and become a new kind of angel ... one with silver wings instead of white or black. I didn't expect Raven to become other silver winged angel when Skye had to save her life, but that was an intriguing plot twist. I also didn't really expect that Devin would decide to "jump" and change sides of the battle, despite the fact he constantly struggled with the "good" angels controlling his entire life. I'm not quite sure what the deal with Ian is. He was just a human, but the end of this book makes it seem like he was a rogue angel as with Skye's aunt

Memorable quotes:
  • “I am always torn. Between control and chaos; passion and tranquility. Between what's fated and what I want. Part of me longs to take the plunge, to dive off headfirst and let the feeling of control evaporate on the wind. And part of me wants to be in a place where I'd never have to worry about that choice -- or any choice. Where peace and calm are the only things I'd feel.” ~ Skye
  • "It must be hard having only those two options. Dark and Light and nothing in between." ~ Skye
  • "Nothing perfect ever lasts." ~ Skye
  • "I love Colorado. The mountains are so passionate. They just make me want to run to the top and yell obscene things to the valleys below." ~ Ardith
  • "You've always been one to follow your own star, Skye. Just make sure to pick a good one to guide you." ~ Aunt Jo
  • "Do you have a masters in I'm Always Right or something?" ~ Skye to Aunt Jo
  • "I'd rather be in love and make the wrong choice once in a while than always be right and be alone." ~ Skye
  • "Nothing about you is normal." ~ Devin to Skye
  • "I couldn't make a choice between chaos and control. Not because it had been made for me. But because there was no choice to make. It wasn't one or the other. They were both inside me. They were both a part of me. I was nothing without both sides. Take one away and I would fall." ~ Skye

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