Saturday, February 4, 2012

Book #18: The Chosen

Title: The Chosen (Book #3 of the "Nine Lives of Chloe King" series)

Author: Celia Thomson (a.k.a. Liz Braswell)

Date started reading: Feb. 05, 2012
Date finished reading:  Feb. 06, 2012

Publish date: January 2005
ISBN: 978-0689866609
Number of pages: 245

Official summary: "CHLOE KING MAY BE THE ONE. Despite a rocky few weeks, Chloe King is starting to get it. She's figured out who she is (a girl with catlike superpowers), where she belongs (at home with Mom), and what she wants to do (chill with her friends). Yes, she's got funky superpowers, and yes, two rival groups think she's some 'chosen' leader. But no, she's not buying all that ancient-warrior crap. And she's definitely not developing a superhero alter ego like in those old comic books. For Chloe, being the One means she can have whatever she wants -- i.e., more goof-off time and fewer 'cat people' conventions. Then she finds her friend bleeding in an alley. All at once Chloe realizes that the years of bloodshed are not over. In fact, they never will be. The Mai and the Tenth Blade are going to persist in their dangerous rivalry. Unless Chloe accepts her destiny -- and takes control. (

How I obtained the book: Bought at a used book store for $3.05

Memorable quotes:
  • " 'Sorry about the whole not-showing-up-at-school-for-a-few-weeks thing,' Chloe pictured herself saying to the principal. 'You see, I'm a cat person and had to hide with others of my kind in a gigantic mansion called Firebird that also houses a real estate firm while this ancient Masonic-like cult tried to hunt me down because they think I killed one of their assassins. Oh, also, I have nine lives and am apparently the spiritual leader of my people, who believe they were created by ancient Egyptian goddesses.' Nope Chloe couldn't imagine it would fly."
  • "Vampires are so passe. Cats are in now" ~ Chloe 
  • Chloe trying to explain to her mother why a pizza party for both her human and Mai friends is a bad idea (it may be not funny to people who don't know a lot about the four TV shows mentioned): You know how, like, Angel and Buffy used to do crossovers? Like, Willow showing up on Angel and Angel appearing in the last episode of Buffy? Well, Smallville and The O.C. don't -- and this is like that." 

My commentary: After finishing up the trilogy, I'm even more mad that the Chloe King TV show was cancelled. Not only could the TV show have continued and been awesome, the author could have written more books to add to the series and capitalize on the TV show's fame. The books, in the end, were just as awesome as I thought the show was.

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