Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book #53: Keys to the Repository

Title: Keys to the Repository (companion book to the Blue Bloods series)

Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Date started reading: April 07, 2012
Date finished reading:  April 08, 2012

Publish date: June 2010
ISBN: 978-1423134541
Number of pages: 240

Official summary: "Lavish parties. Secret trysts. Bone-chilling murders. Angels. Demons. Midterms. The day-to-day lives of Schuyler Van Alen and her Blue Blood friends (and enemies) are never boring. But there’s oh-so-much more to know about these beautiful and powerful teens. Below the streets of Manhattan, within the walls of the Repository, is a wealth of never-before revealed information about the vampire elite that dates back to the dawn of history. In a series of short stories, journal entries, and intimate letters, New York Times best-selling author Melissa de la Cruz gives you the keys to the Repository and an in-depth look into the secret world of the Blue Bloods." (

Video of author explaining this book (it's called a trailer, but it's not really a trailer):

How I obtained the book: Bought for $5.39 at used book store (It's a publisher's remainder copy, so it's not really a used book)

Memorable quotes:
  • "Blue Bloods must understand our place in the world before we can attempt to change it. You may be able to call up an entire encyclopedia, but nothing is more meaningless than a brain with no heart and no reasoning." ~ Lawrence
  • "Popularity was fickle and elusive, like trying to catch fireflies in a jar. You were either born with it or relegated to wallflower status according to the mysterious and unknowable workings of the universe. It wasn't something you strove for or wished for or worked for, no matter how many silly articles and teenage novels and Hollywood movies tried to convince you otherwise. Popularity was something other people decided for you." ~ Schuyler
  • "The problem with being alienated is that one is never alienated enough." ~ Schuyler
  • "There was never a middle ground with (Mimi) -- she either loved you or loathed you; she was your best friend or your worst enemy." ~ Kingsley
  • "Victory was sweet. Who knew that the path to a woman's heart was through the soul of an honest man?" ~ Kingsley

My commentary: I probably spent more money on this than I should've, but I couldn't find a cheaper copy without ordering it online. It is definitely not a book someone should read until they've finished most of the regular books because this reveals many of the things that has happened in the series up to "Misguided Angel."

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