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Book #62: Fade Out

Title: Fade Out (Book #7 of The Morganville Vampires series)

Author: Rachel Caine

Date started reading: April 24, 2012
Date finished reading:  April 26, 2012

Publish date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-0451228666
Number of pages: 256

Official summary: "Without the evil vampire Bishop ruling over the town of Morganville, the resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again ... Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve’s castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger -- and way more dangerous—than anyone suspected." (http://www.morganvilletexas.com)

How I obtained the book: Checked out of library.
Update: I ended up buying a new copy of the book for $3.29 via eBay. That's cheaper than the copy I had my eye on at the local used book store. That was a used copy for $3.40, so I'm happy to have found a new copy for cheaper than that. Yay for me!

Memorable quotes:
  • "Eternal youth doesn't mean you don't get tired of the constant struggles." ~ Myrnin
  • "You ever feel like your life is kind of out of control?" ~ Michael
    "I just went to work for a vampire, was scared by a spider, and got knocked down by a tanning bomb. And that's just my day, not my week." ~ Claire
  • "You're confusing vampires with Spider-Man." ~ Michael 
  • "You bite me, and it is on, bitch. ... I don't mean you're a bitch; it's just an expression. You know?" ~ Eve to Amelie
  • "There's romantic, then there's dramatic, and then there's moronic. Guess which this would be." ~ Eve to Amelie
  • "Homie don't play that." ~ Shane
    "I wonder, sometimes, if your generation speaks English at all" ~ Amelie
  • "I'd say you suck, but why state the obvious?" ~ Shane to Michael
  • "There is a boundary between bold and foolhardy, and I think that if you look, you'll find it's just behind you." ~ Morley to Amelie
  • "I'd like the blue-plate special of you thrown out of Morganville, with a side order of dead, but I'll settle for a mocha for my friend." ~ Eve to Oliver
  • "I've met Kim. She's like a black hole; she just pulls people right out of their orbits. Eve's still your friend. She's just crushing on Kim because Kim never wanted to hang with her before. ... Kim's a force of nature, but like a storm, she moves on." ~ Michael to Claire
  • "Barbecue really was kind of a magic cure for the mopeys." ~ Claire
  • "It's a good thing I've got to live with the two of you, or I'd be putting this on YouTube later. And mocking you." ~ Michael to Claire and Shane as they squabble then kiss and make up
  • "A supersmart apprentice to a bipolar vampire, not to mention just about the only person in town Amelie listens to these days? Yeah. You're dead boring." ~ Shane to Claire
  • "You know, daring women used to smoke." ~ Myrnin
    "Cancer isn't sexy." ~ Claire
    "You all die of something. And we all pay for our pleasures, one way or another." ~ Myrnin
  • "An all-night drive-through! I could murder a cheeseburger. Don't you just love this century?" ~ Myrnin
  • "Any fool can kill. It takes genius to create." ~ Myrnin
  • "I write my own history. I see no reason to entrust it to a human with a video camera. Paper and ink, girl. Paper and ink will always survive, when electronic storage becomes random impulses lost to the ages." ~ Myrnin to Claire
  • "Economics is really game theory, only with money." ~ Claire to Monica
  • "The rules of Morganville existed for a reason. They were meant to protect the strong few from the fragile many. Even a giant may be destroyed by the stings of insects, if there are enough of them." ~ Amelie
  • "(Claire) finally got up around ten o'clock, feeling happy and humming with energy. It might have been the sleep, but Claire knew it wasn't. She was running on pure Shane sunlight."
  • "Claire considered running (away from Monica), but not if Kim was planning on gleefully filming the whole thing. She could live with the same. She just didn't think she could live with the reruns on YouTube. ... (Monica) strode up to Claire and came to a halt a couple of feet away, surrounded by her fashion army. It was like being menaced by a gang of Barbie and Ken dolls." 
  •  "So tell me about you and Monica. Secret love affair? Mortal enemies? Are you each other's evil twins? Come on, you can tell me; I won't tell anybody!" ~ Kim
    "Except everybody on Facebook?" ~ Claire
    "Well, obviously, yeah..." ~ Kim
    "I have two words for you, and the second on is off. Fill in the blank." ~ Claire
  • "Claire decided she liked her normal arrangement of eyes, ears, and nose -- she liked Picasso okay, but she didn't want to become one of his paintings."
  • "I have to feed spiders and put up with a bitchy, homicidal computer. My job really does suck." ~ Claire
  • "No exploring on your own, Dora." ~ Michael to Claire
  • "All science requires sacrifice. ... Sentimentality has no place in science." ~ Myrnin
  • "If you get me killed, I'm haunting you." ~ Michael
    "Wouldn't be the first time." ~ Claire
  • "I'm a predator. Weakness is seductive." ~ Myrnin
  • "Some people come to Morganville and collapse. I've seen it a dozen times. But there are a few who come here and just -- bloom. You're one of those." ~ Michael
    "So you're saying I thrive on chaos." ~ Claire
    "No. I'm saying you thrive on challenge." ~ Michael
  • "Morganville was a dangerous place. Every good-bye could be the last." ~ Claire
  • "If you make me a vampire, I'll make you eat those fangs." ~ Eve to Morley
  • "Vampires are not caretakers of humanity." ~ Patience
  • "As far as Moganville is concerned, I am its goddess." ~ Ada
    "Word of advice, it's time for a change of religion." ~ Eve
  • "Myrnin was like a thrill ride, one of those dark carnival tracks where scary things swooped in close but never quite touched." ~ Claire

My commentary:
  • There is a new character mentioned toward the beginning of the book named Klaus. My initial reaction is: Geez just what I need ... another "Klaus" to keep track of. I'm already having problems sometimes keeping "The Vampire Diaries" character Klaus straight in my head because there are three versions of the same character: 1) in the original "Vampire Diaries" book series, 2) in the TV show, and 3) in the "Stefan's Diaries" books which are supposed to be based on the TV show but have been written faster than the show so the background on Klaus and the other original vampires differ. I'm going to have to keep my focus on not getting Morganville's Klaus mixed up in my head with VD's Klaus.
  • My favorite character in the series, at least so far, is Shane. It is so weird for me. The series is full of vampires (a town full, to be exact), and somehow a human becomes my favorite character. I normally pick out the male vampire character who is torn between the "evil" vampire nature and remaining human to be my favorite. That's the type I normally just gravitate to -- like Angel and Spike (later on in the series for him) on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Damon and Stefan on "Vampire Diaries," Dimitri in the "Vampire Academy" book series (I somehow liked him even as a Strigoi), and Stark in the "House of Night" book series -- but here I am loving human Shane. I think it's his snarky attitude that appeals to me most. He's sexy and snarky ... and he doesn't have that cold-as-ice vampire skin. Love him...
  • Even though he's not my favorite character, I really love Myrnin. A mad scientist vampire. That's a fun spin on a vampire. Of course, if I was a super intelligent scientist and got turned into a vampire, I'd probably be a little "mad" myself after all those years of immortality. After so many years, I think everyone would go crazy. Along with the character Myrnin comes the mention of some crazy vampire bunny slippers. I almost want a pair myself. Click here to check them out on Amazon.

    Buy on Amazon.com: Fade Out (Morganville Vampires, Book 7)

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